About the game

This game was made for the TV GameJam in four days. Inspiration for the game came form the missing story of Kamina's father on Gurren Lagann.


Arrow Keys - Move

Space Bar - Jump

Escape - Pause


All of the assets for the game were made from scratch during the jam.


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Great atmosphere you created with the background music and the voice over, the black-shades of gray theme goes accordingly to the musical elements of the game, short but really emotional.

Saw Gurren Lagann a long time ago, i'll probably will go watch it again just for the sake of the reference.

Keep up the good job guys!

Stylish game and beautiful art! very cool job!

Really enjoyed this little game. The animation was beautiful and reminded me of Limbo and the game ran very smoothly. I liked your voiceovers as well to explain what was happening! :D

Short but high quality, tho the plot really confused me